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Erin's Web is now operated by Bitesize Irish. Thanks to Erin for her work over the years to bring us a taste of Ireland. Come on over to Irish Gaelic for Beginners to get a free email course to learn some simple Irish Gaelic. Read Erin's original introduction below.

In August of 1999 I decided to get serious about Web design and learning to code HTML properly. I started taking night classes at my local community college and for my first project, I starting developing Erin's Web - Ireland (EWI). It started as raw HTML code using Windows Notepad as my text editor and only a few practice pages. Thanks to Miss Olga, who advised me to "keep practicing", EWI evolved into "Erin's Web" and now branches off in all sorts of directions.

Erin's Web a starting point for all the Webs I weave. It describes my Web and where to go to find each intricate part of it. It also serves as a creative outlet for me when I get the "gotta redesign a web page" bug. :-)

Erin's Web - Ireland
This site is the culmination of my meandering through the WWW in search of my Holy Grail, Ireland. Many fellow Web-surfers generously steered me in many directions -- each proving to be informative and entertaining -- to learn about things Irish. I created Erin's Web so I could share what I had learned.

Learn Irish Gaelic at Erin's Web
Learn Irish Gaelic was my second HTML class project and it consisted of a homepage and five lesson pages
. It now contains 128 lessons and lots of helpful and fun information regarding the Irish Gaelic language. The lessons posted on "Learn Irish Gaelic at Erin's Web" are the sole property of © The Irish People, and are used with permission. Erin does not speak Gaelic (sorry!).

Erin's Web Weaves
A collection of stories, ideas, and experiences contributed by her friends, family and visitors. It is not confined to the subject of Ireland.

I hope you all enjoy your visit to Erin's Web!

(a.k.a. Erin )

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