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Facts About Ireland

To get you started, I thought a few facts about Ireland would be helpful for those who aren't familiar with the island. Yes, Ireland is an island. In the year c. 1.5 million BC, Ireland was linked to the European continent, most of which was predominantly ice-covered. As the climate warmed up the ice melted and the sea levels rose gradually cutting Ireland off from the rest of the land mass. In the year c8,000 BC, it's first inhabitants were Mesolithic peoples (*middle stone age). They traveled to Ireland over the land bridges from Britain, and Ireland was, at that point and time, one large dense forest. While a lot of that forest is gone, Ireland still remains one of the most beautiful places on earth.

* Paleolithic-early stone age; Neolithic-late stone age

Facts & Statistics

Republic of Ireland
Population 3,626,2087 (1996)
Capital City Dublin
Land Area 70, 283 sqkm (27,136 sqml )
Language English, Gaelic (Irish)
Religion Roman Catholic, Protestant
Currency  Euro
Exports Beef & Dairy products,
Information Technology
(Hardware & Software) Pharmaceuticals
Imports Machinery, Vehicles, Textiles, Fuel
Principal Occupations Agriculture, Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Tourism
National Sports Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, 
Climate Temperate mild Winters, with rain during Summers.


Northern Ireland ( UK )
Population 1,578,000 (1996)
Capital Belfast
Land Area 14,121 sqkm (5,452 sqml)
Language English
Religion Protestant, Roman Catholic
Currency Sterling Pound
Exports Agricultural products, Machinery
Imports Fuel, Vehicles, Textiles

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