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Survey Says...
Stapler Lobbing

We are taking a survey of Stapler Lobbing. You know what it's like. You're at work and one of your coworkers does something --maybe for the 100th time that day-- so annoying that you just want to pick up that stapler that's sitting on your desk and lob it right at 'em. This is the place where you finally get to tell your story! (Told ya it was silly...)

How many times have you wanted to lob a stapler at a coworker's head?
Enter number of times you've actually lobbed a stapler at a coworkers head:
Enter number of times you've actually hit your intended target with a stapler:
Have you become addicted to stapler lobbing?
If you have become addicted to stapler lobbing,
what is your lobbing of choice?
Have you joined SLA? (Staplers Lobbing Anonymous)?
Enter the color and brand of last stapler lobbed:


Enter the brand of last stapler lobbed: Brand:
Have you ever been convicted and sent to prison for felony lobbing of staplers?

Your Information

What is your first name?  
What is your age?  
Are you sure? (no fibbing this time)  
What is your age in Dog years?   
Where do you live?  
Tell us about your stapler lobbing story (in 500 characters or less)
Enter your E-mail address (optional):

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