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Bitesize Irish
If you're looking to learn Gaelic, I recommend you try Irish for Beginners . You'll get a free series of online lessons for learning Irish by email, run by Sasa and Eoin over at Bitesize Irish . Learn to introduce yourself by listening to the audio and repeating. This service offers a 30–day money–back guarantee! Approved by Webmiss!
Creator's blog...uses the story of that 'house family' as a vehicle to look at a rapidly changing Ireland, and particularly at how we Irish now react to foreigners immigrating into Ireland, as so many Irish people emigrated to places like the USA. 
Full of news of Irish food, recipes, Irish stories, etc. provides the most comprehensive list of accommodations in County Clare, including lists of usual and unusual things to do as well as other helpful information for every town in the county.

Find It
A small but growing directory of Irish or Irish related Websites online. You can find links to information on anything from Accomodations, Books, Business and Culture to Pubs and Clubs, Tourism and Weddings (Homepages too!).

Irish Tourist Board
How to get there (to Ireland); Getting Around; Accomodations; Things to do once you get there; Useful facts; Make Reservations. Your One-Stop shop in making plans to visit Ireland.
Ireland's Eye
Ireland's Eye is a grand site, easy to navigate and is the home of the Random Irish Proverb Generator, which can also be viewed here on Erin's Web Ireland - Proverbs & Toasts page. Especially good features include Ghost Watch, where you follow a ghost who inhabits an old linen mill; Read the Titanic Times and learn about the ill fated ship; Guide to Irish Faeries; and Kiss the Virtual Blarney Stone and gain "Gift of the Gab". You can also download for FREE the Irish Weather Wisdom Calendar.

Irish Music Box
An online music magazine that covers Irish music, rock, trad, pop---- It includes news, reviews and music samples through the "jukebox" link.

The Irish Times - Ancestors
It features many options to explore for researching your Irish roots, including an Irish surname search (provided it's found on its database) that tells you the story of how your surname originated. And don't forget to visit The Irish Times homepage . You'll be glad you did.

Irish Names: Origins of Irish First Names
Can't decide what to name your baby? Your dog or cat? Want to know what your Irish first name means? Check out and find out the 100 most popular Irish male and female names and their Gaelic meanings. There are other resources on this website such as a Penpal service called Cara Irish Penpals , which Webmiss has just signed up for and awaiting my new Penpals. (I'll keep you posted on how that goes since there seems to be a glitch in the registration process.) Snoop around, there are tons of resources here!

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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