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Name: J Connolly
Age: 40something
Location: Texas
Counties: Dublin , Kilkenny, Waterford, Limerick

Memory: Our daughter was a part of a dance team that marched in the 2000 St Paddie's parade in Dublin and also performed for the Lord Mayor's Ball. We landed in Dublin on the 13th and took off south. We had a few stops mapped out but for the most part just stopped for what interested us. The Waterford factory was awesome. We were six family members trying to "get along" in a mini-van. We didn't make it to Blarney or the Dingle penisula like we wanted. We turned back East after Bunratty Castle and were back in Dublin in time for the parade on the 17th. We spent the next two days shopping and sight-seeing in Dublin. Next summer, probably in July or August, my husband and I are going back "alone". I want to see the west coast this time.

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